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Our Story

LABBIK is an Omani company registered in 2018 and authorized from TRA Oman.

Established in the field of telecommunications, especially in modern contact center services. we serve a variety of customers nationwide. It’s our great pleasure to introduce ourselves as a full-fledged Distribution Company and Customer Care Solution Providers that deals with the strategic marketing area of the business industry in an excellent promotional service through distribution networks, in-house or sourced contact centers solutions …etc.

CEO Word

“LABBIK was established to spread the culture of the Contact Center and its importance in various sectors by Organizing work, defining vision, goals and Open a direct communication channel through simply talk to their clients to help them understand in real-time how they can serve them much better”

Khalid Salih AL-Husaini

Founder & CEO


Hosted contact center services

Staff outsourcing and training

Outbound Calls Services


VAS Services

Consulting Services


Integrated cloud-based platform designed as one-stop-shop for all modern contact centers system needs with modular architecture


A cloud contact center is the hub of an enterprise that handles all customer communications. Because this center is in the cloud, it makes interacting with customers, including all inbound and outbound communication via voice, email, social media, and the internet, accessible from anywhere. Cloud-based contact centers require users to have internet access with enough bandwidth to accommodate them. Companies choose to modernize their call centers by choosing those in the cloud because customers increasingly use digital channels to contact businesses.

System component

Out-of-the-box Call Center Software to a Full Programmable Customer Engagement Platform All-In-One Solution


Q-MAX Medals ISO Certification

Q-MAX was awarded with ISO Certification on 25th July 2018.LABBIK is always aiming to bring constant change and to make processes streamed with international standards of call center industry.

LABBIK Call Center Set-Up

Labbik call center consists of 24 employees with the ability to expand to 100 employees

Development of a dedicated agent sourcing and recruiting process based on a pre-defined agent profiling, structured telephone interviewing and analytical group interviewing process, all of which are meant to measure the degree of adherence to the required profiling

Development and deployment of structured, in terms of material content and resources, Soft and Hard skill training programs by qualified LABBIK GLOBAL trainers, to ensure efficient transfer of skills and knowledge. The training will include both pre and post quiz exams to ensure development of the agents


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